How many…? 75 and counting!


Hi All…

Just throwing a big thank you out there to you guys for viewing my first ever blog and for those that have been sharing via social media. Believe me there is so much content to follow from all the places I have explored to sharing my tips with you from recently decorating and making my house a home. Within 2 days my blog has had over 70 views and I look forward to this expanding over time with me sharing my adventures with you all.

Have a browse at my Insta account as alot of beautiful photos of the places I have visited have started to gather here : kt_travel14

Thank you again πŸ™‚

Love Amy x


Let’s start at the very Begining!

So here it goes…

Hello all,

Thought I would join the wonderful world of blogging, don’t have a clue where to start but as I said at the very Begining and hope for the best!
The main focus of my blog will be travel. I adore travelling, have done and do alot of it and don’t bloody shut up about it. I get such a thrill for exploring new places and learning about new cultures. I have seen some amazing places and if I get talking to someone about a destination I have visited there is no stopping me. So where better to share than to start a blog. I will be remenising on old trips and new by telling you (if anyone reads this) about such places I have seen, hotels and resorts I have stayed at, tips I have learned along the way and lots of ideas to make your traveling life that little bit more special.
I have recently moved in and bought my first home with the most perfect partner. Home decor, interior design, gardening and over all cutie home furnishings have become a desire of mine and I will also be sharing this within the blog.
So let me help you get to know me a little:
* My name is Amy
* I am 26 years of age
* I live in the West Midlands,UK
* I love ice cream
* I am a recent home owner
* I teach swimming
* Traveling is my FAVORITE
* I enjoy musicals
Thats it for now, if you made it this far and read myΒ first ever blog post I appreciate it muchly. I look forward to chatting some more soon!

Love Amy x